When dreaming up design features for your custom kitchen, choosing a countertop material is one of the most important (and difficult!) decisions you can make. Not only does your choice establish the overall feel and style of the room, but it can also influence your color choices as well. Of course, aesthetics aren’t the only thing to consider. Many of us are prioritizing materials that are sturdy, resistant and will stand the test of time. Solid, non-porous materials are definitely gaining popularity for this reason. With that, here are some of 2021’s most beautiful solid countertop trends! 


Acrylic countertops are great for kitchens with a modern design style! Clean and understated, this trend is paying homage to the minimalist interior design style that has been so popular for the last decade. Made of solid acrylic or resin, they’re available in virtually any style and color! 


Sometimes called butcher block, the wooden countertop trend has been making a big comeback recently! Often made from recycled materials, wooden countertops give a vintage or cottage-like feel, and have been popular among those that prefer a laid back, eclectic interior design style. Plus, opting for a natural material like wood is an environmentally friendly choice! 

Natural Stone 

While quartz is still a popular option when it comes to countertops, many consumers prefer to stick to natural stones like granite or marble. These materials naturally add a new level of visual interest to your space, as no two natural stone countertops will ever be alike! This unique combination of color and pattern is sure to give your kitchen a more elevated feel. Just like wood, opting for natural stone is a more eco-conscious choice than an artificial countertop material.


Glass is  another material that lends itself to a modern, minimalist design style! Previously, customers were worried that glass countertops would be too fragile, but luckily more durable options have become widely available over the last few years! Nowadays, glass countertops are nearly unbreakable, and are highly resistant to damage.

We hope you gained a little insight into this year’s countertop trends! Still not sure which is the best option for your custom kitchen? We’d love to help you decide contact us today!