When designing your custom home, don’t forget about the backyard! While the typical yard is bland, there are many fun custom additions that can take your outdoor space to the next level! Here are some of our favorite resort-inspired features.

Fire Pit

What’s more inviting than a nice, warm fire? There’s nothing like enjoying the company of your loved ones while gathered around your very own fire pit, making smores and sharing stories. These are great additions because they can fit just about anywhere, you don’t need a lot of room! Circle-style fire pits can easily be added anywhere in your yard, and can even be built into your pool’s landscape! Not only are these great for summer fun, but they allow you to enjoy your backyard throughout the winter months, by supplying a source of heat.

Outdoor Kitchen

For those that love to cook, you can’t go wrong with an outdoor kitchen. It opens you up to a world of opportunity for hosting! They’re completely customizable, your choices are endless- go with a mini fridge to store refrigerated drinks, or choose to install a fully-stocked outdoor bar with a cocktail station. A built-in grill makes food prep a breeze, and ample counter space ensures guests have enough room to make their plates and browse appetizers. Include a sink for clean up and you’re all set! 

Pool House

A custom pool house can really take traditional backyard amenities to the next level. Choosing to envelop your pool in a fully enclosed area, essentially in it’s own room, offers a luxurious and alluring atmosphere. Besides aesthetic reasons, there are a few tangible benefits to this as well. Having your pool in a contained area allows you to use your pool more often, no matter the weather. Hot or cold, rain or shine! Additionally, you’ll use less resources when you choose to heat your pool, which saves you money. 

Outdoor Guest House

An outdoor guest house is another fun addition to your backyard. Choose to spoil your guests with their own mini-retreat, in the form of a cottage in your backyard. You can even choose to include a small kitchen to really make it feel like a personal getaway! If you host often, this is a fantastic option. Older children can also utilize this space when they have friends come to spend the night, to prevent noise while you sleep! 

Interested in one or more of these additions? Whether you’re looking to build a custom backyard area or renovate an existing one, we are more than happy to help. Contact us today at  (713)-787-6709 or email us at info@mattpowerscustomhomes.com!