Do you crave vintage charm? Get lost in pinterest scrolling through the millions of stunning home interior designs? Or lust over new home trends? Keep reading to learn how to add charming additions to your home, new or old!

Old School Flair 

Old school style is in. When rethinking your home design look for features that were popular in the past like clawfoot tubs, vintage doorknobs, checkered tile in the kitchen or laundry rooms, anything that has an hint of antique or timeless charm can work to achieve this vibe when redecorating or remodeling your home. 

Accentuate With Art Work

Adding artwork to your home is a great way to keep things fresh and charming. Not sure where to find art? Check out local artists, not only will you be adding interesting pieces to your home but you will also be supporting the community around you while doing so, a win-win. 

Modernize The Unexpected

Old school style is in, yes, but modern finishes will never go away. When you are crafting your home to replicate the past or add on vintage flair, be sure to keep things modern with the appliances and color scheme. An outdated home can cheapen the look of your space and give the opposite effect when striving to add charm to your house and living areas. 

Update The Hardwood Floor

Not an easy fix, but one that could update your home’s appearance. If you are wanting to redo the flooring in your home be sure to choose hardwood that has wider slabs rather than thinner ones. It has a more uniform look, plus it’s easier to clean, so why wouldn’t you choose it?

Curio Cabinets Are In

To add maximum charm to your home get a vintage curio cabinet. This is perfect to display pictures, china dinnerware, or trinkets in, and it doubles as storage. Be sure to place this in a nook where it is safe to stand alone and won’t be easily knocked over!

Add A Room

Adding a room to your home is a way to amp up the appeal and raise the value. Add a sunroom, a game room, or even an extra laundry room. Whatever you think is needed to give your home a little more charm and liveliness. 

We hope these ideas help you think of how to add charm and pizazz to your home with just a few additions! Get in touch with us today chat about more charming home additions that best fit your style.