Dreaming of warmer weather? What better place to enjoy a nice day than your own front porch. Front porches have become a symbol that represents the quintessential American household; they’re inviting and make both you and your guests feel welcome in your home.

Porches are extremely popular and come in a variety of different styles to fit any house size, style preferences and budget- they’re a great way to add curb appeal to your home. A porch is the first thing you see when you look at a home- you want it to be beautiful! No matter your lifestyle, there are a few options to choose from as you start considering adding on a front porch.

The wrap around porch is the most popular and sought after front porch style, simply because of its stunning size. This luxurious style wraps around several corners of a house, typically covering the entire front and stretching around either side. Due to the size, there is plenty of room for plants, decorations and lots of space for outdoor furniture. These porches best serve large families that love spending time outside or households that frequently host guests. 

A covered porch is another fantastic option that comes in plenty of shapes and sizes. With a roof that adds weather protection, it allows you to enjoy the outdoors no matter the weather, while continuously protecting your porch from the elements. Some homeowners even choose to screen-in part of their porch to help keep bugs out of their lounge area, while still letting the fresh air in. 

For smaller houses, a front stoop or portico is an easy addition. These porches are much smaller than the average porch, but still, make a big impact in terms of style. A front stoop consists of a platform or a few steps leading up to your front door, and a portico adds a covering for even more of a statement. While these porches don’t offer room for outdoor seating, they are a fantastic way to upgrade your homes’ curb appeal and add an element of interest. 

Whether you’re building a custom home or looking to spruce up your house this Spring, a porch is a fantastic way to add an architectural element that can completely change the look of your house with one simple addition. Not only are porches beautiful, but they’re functional- and that’s why they’re so well-loved.