The farmhouse interior design style is a popular one, focused on crisp whites mixed with wood accents and dark, contrasting fixtures. It’s about combining a rustic feel with a modern touch. While farmhouse kitchens are the most common remodel project you hear about, today we’ll be talking about ways to achieve a farmhouse-inspired master bathroom!

Start from the ground up. In most master bathrooms you’d find some type of tile as the flooring of choice, but in order to bring in a little bit of that rustic charm, choose a flooring with a wooden look. True wood doesn’t fair well in a humid bathroom environment, so choosing a protected waterproof floor is imperative. A tile with a wood-like pattern would be a good choice. Because this style has become so popular, there are plenty of options out there that perfectly suit the look!

Next, we’ll focus on the vanity area and countertops. White is an important element in this design style, and a stark white or light marble countertop is always a good choice- but a light-colored concrete countertop is a unique option as well! As the name suggests, a farmhouse sink would work perfectly in a farmhouse bathroom! Pair with antique brass or black knobs and fixtures for that modern pop. As for the cabinets and drawers, stick with a natural-colored wood finish. Lastly, for an extra element of interest, add a wooden frame around your vanity mirror!

Freestanding bathtubs are a luxurious feature that makes for a perfect addition to just about any master bathroom. Opting for a claw-foot tub with a vintage flair can take the look even further.  Place in front of a white shiplap wall, and you have a picture-perfect farmhouse-inspired bathroom!

Once you have the main details harbored down, you can begin focusing on the little touches that really bring the look together. Small details like adding wicker baskets, house plants and light fixtures can change the look of a room in no time. These are just a few of the main elements that can help create the farmhouse look- inspiration can strike anywhere, as you may come across design features that are reminiscent of the country lifestyle. 

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