It’s starting to warm up and that means it’s time to start using that green thumb! Even if you are not an expert gardener it is always fun to spice up your landscaping with some flowers,  summer plants, and outside decor. Keep reading to see what we recommend planting next to your home this summer!



If you are looking for a flower to brighten things up look no further than the coneflower. It is similar to the daisy but a bit more rare. The purplish color leaves contrasted with the orange center makes for the perfect flower for a pop of color in any garden. These flowers are good in clusters big or small.



Ferns are hard to mess up. They are easy and look good almost anywhere! Try placing ferns at the entrance of your home or in a row alongside your pool. One good thing about ferns is that they can mask unsightly additions to your home such as a hose or outdoor faucet. 



Kind of a given during this season. Sunflowers are known to be the perfect summer flower, not only because they do well in this season but also because of their sunny hue. Some sunflowers can grow up to fourteen feet in height so be sure to plant them with this fact in mind. 


Edible Plants

Why not start a mini garden this season? Plant some plants that can be enjoyed as food such as rosemary, sage, or tomatoes. The options are limitless when you choose to plant things that are not just plants but also food. This is also a fun way to get more involved in cooking as well.



A classic flower that is both beautiful and perfect for the summertime. Be sure to plant these flowers where they are able to get ample morning sun but not hot afternoon heat. They are a bit high maintenance compared to other options on this list but the payoff of how beautiful they look make it worth it!


What are you most excited to plant this summer season?