Building your dream kitchen? Matt Powers Custom Homes can help! Today, we’ve asked our experts to give their insight on the do’s and don’ts of building the perfect kitchen. Our award-winning team strives to be your resource for luxury, custom interior design, including kitchens! Understanding what makes a luxury kitchen special, here are our do’s and don’ts for your next kitchen project!


Do Search For Inspiration!


Matt Powers Custom Homes and Laura Powers Property Group have no shortage of luxury design inspiration. Whether you’re following our social media pages or browsing our available properties, there are endless amounts of top-tier, custom kitchens in our past projects! Pinterest is also a great place to start if you’re unsure what type of style you’re going for. 


Don’t Compromise On Needs


Nobody understands your family’s needs better than you. When designing your dream kitchen, keep your daily routines and schedules in mind. If you cook often, ensure that your dream kitchen has enough counter space for prep. If your family needs a large fridge or extra cabinet space, don’t compromise! Building your dream kitchen is about more than looks (although, we love a gorgeous kitchen). It’s about functionality! 


Do Keep Your Home’s Layout In Mind


Unless you’re doing an in-depth renovation and removing/adding walls, your home’s layout isn’t likely to change too much with a kitchen renovation. Keep this in mind when designing and building your dream kitchen! Remember to check cabinet door opening widths and measurements needed for appliances as well. This will ensure all goes smoothly when upgrading your space.


Don’t Skip The Small Details


Matt Powers Custom Homes has an experienced team of award-winning designers. The reason we’re so good at what we do? We don’t skip the small details. Luxury home design thrives on having every piece of the puzzle fit just right – and the same goes for your dream kitchen. Matching wood textures, using cohesive metals, and other details may seem small at the moment, but they can make the world of a difference once your project is completed.


Do Work With A Home Builder You Can Trust


Understanding the processes that go into building your dream kitchen, Matt Powers Custom Homes is a builder you can trust. We have years of experience in creating the perfect spaces for our clients! Working with a custom home builder that you can trust can ease any apprehension about your project. The right team will work with your vision, goals, and dreams to create a kitchen that will last a lifetime. 


Now that you understand the do’s and don’ts of building your dream kitchen, we hope you’re feeling empowered and inspired! Matt Powers Custom Homes prides ourselves on being leaders in architecture and interior design. Our renovation services are just one of the many luxury services that we offer! 

The next time you’re thinking of upgrading your space, contact us!