Customized homes come with many perks. One of them, and the most notable being the endless customization that they offer to you, the homebuyer. They allow you to bring your wildest dreams about your new home to reality. Have you always wanted a small room for your pet underneath your staircase? Maybe a homeschool room specifically for your children to learn in. Having rooms specifically designed for a certain purpose can increase productivity and lessen the mess created in the common areas of your home. Here are some of the most popular special rooms, yet ones that most cookie-cutter houses tend to skip over.

The home office. Yes, many homes come with home offices. However, most are very small, dark and seem as though they’re an afterthought. When you design your own office, you can put the room in your ideal area of the house, to where you won’t get distracted or interrupted. Additionally, you can control factors such as the natural light and built-in storage you may desire. If you and your spouse both regularly do work at home, you may need an additional office room. With a custom home, this is possible. 

An art room. Perhaps you love to sew, paint, draw, or everything in between. It can be frustrating having to find a place to store the tools you need and dragging them out to an undesignated area whenever you need them. By having a dedicated creative room with custom storage, you lessen clutter and have an inspiring room that you can fully enjoy creating in. 

A home gym. Home gyms can be a great motivation for many people, as everything you need to get in a great workout is just a reach away. No more worrying about paying for a membership, busy weight rooms and the traffic to and from. With a home gym, you only have the equipment you actually use, and the ability to fit in workouts easily, anytime you have a spare moment.

An entertainment room. If you love to host, having an entertainment room is a great idea. The possibilities are endless- design this room based on the type of activities your friends and family enjoy. That could be anything from watching movies and sports games on a big screen to playing old school arcade games. Add in a comfortable sectional and a small bar area, and you’ve got the perfect space for hosting. 

As we mentioned before, with a custom home builder, the possibilities are virtually endless. We’re here to design a house that maximizes your families’ productivity and enhances your lifestyle. If you’ve got a vision for a special room in your home, we’d love to bring it to life! Contact us today.



Photographer: Analicia Herrmann | @analicia_herrmann | https://www.analiciaherrmann.com/

Designer: Chairma Interior | Chairma Design Group | https://chairma.com/