Over the past decade, open floor plans have become widely desired by homeowners. But besides their aesthetic appeal, what exactly is it that has so many people gravitating toward this type of home? 

More Opportunity for Natural Light

When your home is a series of corners and hallways, it makes it difficult for light to travel throughout. This causes many to revert to using indoor lighting for much of the day. With an open floor plan, there are less walls to block light from spreading throughout your home. During the day, just having a few windows can provide enough light for you to live comfortably! As many of us know, sunlight is a natural mood and energy booster- not to mention the money you can save on electricity usage! 

It Gives the Illusion of a Bigger Space

One large room is likely to give the illusion of a bigger space than a series of rooms separated by walls. With an open floor plan, the lack of barriers actually does give you more usable space, and more freedom to design your home in a way that best works for you. This style of home gives you the most usable floor space possible based on your home’s available square footage. Who wouldn’t want that? 

Bringing the Outdoors In

Included in many modern homes is some sort of outdoor feature, whether it be a back patio, porch or a balcony. In an open floor plan home, experience a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor spaces, often separated simply by a series of glass doors. The distinction between indoors and outdoors begins to blur, creating a more diverse space full of beautiful natural light!

It’s a Good Investment

Whether you’re building a brand new custom home or looking to renovate, we typically suggest opting for an open floor plan home. Besides all of the reasons we just mentioned, due to their steady growth in popularity, having an open floor plan home will increase your home’s value and sell-ability. 

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