Being home for the Holidays is just one aspect that makes this the most wonderful time of the year. One of our favorite parts, though, is sprucing up homes to make them ready for the Winter! As the weather cools down and festivities ramp up, there’s a few things that you should do to make sure your home is prepared. Here’s our top 3 ideas to spruce up your home this Winter! 


1. Winter is a great time to organize your home!


With big holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas approaching, now is a great time to take inventory of your clutter. Deciding what to keep, what to donate, and what to sell can help destress your home before a hectic Holiday agenda. Similar to Spring cleaning, a winter refresh can clear your mind and your closet space! We recommend starting in the Living Room, Bathroom, or any area that may have heavy foot traffic during this time of year. Life gets busy, and belongings can pile up causing unnecessary stress and clutter. Donating extra items can help someone else’s Holiday season be even brighter, and what’s more in the Holiday spirit than giving? 


2. New décor is perfect for sprucing up your home!


Now that you’ve gotten rid of unnecessary clutter that no longer sparks joy, you may have spots in your décor that need filled. A Matt Powers Custom Homes pro tip is to decorate with your existing Holiday decor before stepping back and adding new items. Another way to ensure that your Holiday is stress-free is to get decoration inspiration! Pinterest, Instagram, and other social media platforms showcase bright, innovative ideas when it comes to interior decorating. Having a vision for your home during the Holidays is beneficial in the short and long term, so don’t be afraid to try new things this year!


3. Preparing for guests doesn’t have to be overwhelming!


We understand the fun part of the Holiday season is the time spent with family and friends. Whether you’re planning on hosting a large event or a small gathering, Matt Powers Custom Homes has a few tricks up our sleeve. When preparing your home for guests, it’s important to keep your comfort in mind. It may be appealing to move furniture out of the way and put up tables, but if your living space is designed with guests in mind, you may not have to do this. Try testing out your furniture, and have fun with it! This is your time to spend with your home before the craziness of the season comes. Spending a little bit of quiet time in your space can make a huge difference. 

We make a conscious effort to design each and every one of our spaces with the homeowner’s vision first and foremost, but we also demonstrate how to set up any home for efficiency and comfort. Hopefully these top 3 tips will help you spruce up your home for the Winter! If you’re interested in a home renovation, contact us to learn more!