Want your bedroom to feel like a sanctuary, a place where you can go and be at ease and rest all through the night? Keep reading below to see some simple and easy tricks to turn your bedroom into a peaceful Oasis. 

Upgrade Your Sheets

Let’s start with the basics, the sheets! No one wants to sleep on sheets that are rough, so treat yourself to sheets that are both soft and cool. Everyone has preference when it comes to choosing sheets and bedding in general. 100% cotton is always going to be a good option. You can also choose sheets that have a cooling agent that’ll keep you cool all night. Bonus points if you get a cooling duvet to go with the sheets! 

Clean Up When You Wake Up

Messy bed, messy head! A statement that is cheesy, but just may be true. When you make your bed first thing in the morning you’re setting the foundation for the day. So when you wake up in the morning, take 5 minutes to tuck the sheets back in, fold the duvet over, and set the pillows nicely in place. We promise it’s a small thing that makes  a big difference to the room and your mind!

Add a Bench

Adding a bench in your bedroom can be a cool way to layer furniture on top of each other. A bench can go at the very end of your bed even at the same height and make the room feel organized and put together. Try adding a bench that has a pop of color or a contrasting tone from the sheets of your bed for the ultimate impact and cool vibe. Hint: It’s also very useful too!

Lighting is Everything

Lighting is seriously everything when it comes to interior design. It can make a room feel light and airy when it was before scary and dark. So when you’re choosing lighting for your bedroom be sure to choose something that goes with the rest of your decor and delivers decent lighting for your everyday needs. It’s always useful to have one lamp on each side of your bedside tables for convenience and a balanced look. 

Statement Pieces Mixed in With Simplicity

Your bedroom should make you feel at peace but also inspire you, just as a sanctuary would. Keep some things simple, like the basic necessities, and then add a few statement pieces in the room to liven things up. For example, white walls, white sheets, white rug, then…blue lamps, or a turquoise vase. This will give impact and a level of chicness that is easy to achieve but looks intricate and exquisite. 

What tip are you going to try first? Get in touch with us today to talk about ways we can renovate your bedroom to make it your own personal sanctuary!