Interior design trends seem to be ever-evolving. Throughout the year of 2022, we’ve seen new and exciting ideas and old classics making a resurgence. No matter your style, Matt Powers Custom Homes understands the desire to have a modern, luxurious, and classy home.

Looking forward to the Autumn season can bring new trends to the forefront of homes all across the globe. Don’t miss out, here’s some of our predictions for the top interior design trends of Autumn 2022. 


Warm interior tones


A great way to bring the tones of Autumn indoors is to emulate the warm, welcoming colors that naturally occur within your interior design. Orange, brown, red, and yellow are all beautiful colors to incorporate into your existing decor style. Warming up a room with bright, comforting colors can take all of the Autumn vibes from the outdoors and bring them right into your home.

Another predicted top interior design trend for this year is earthy tones. These not only pair well with warm, bright colors, but bring a whole new feeling to your relaxing space. One of our newest properties, 10 Jonathan Landing, showcases these tones beautifully inside and out. 


Hand-woven interior decor


In the past, top interior design trends have ranged from sleek to rigid. A predicted highlight for Autumn 2022 is hand-woven, knit decor. “Chunky wool” comes in all shapes and sizes, whether it is crocheted or hand-spun. Bringing an element of comfort and coziness, adding woven wool or other soft material can elevate any space in your home.

From rugs, blankets, pillows, and ottomans, the options are endless. Trends always come back around, and this is one that is a classic. Who doesn’t love a soft knit blanket to cozy up with in Autumn? Even better, fun colors can be used to add an element of boldness to any space.


Rustic elements


Just like the goal of warm tones and hand-woven wool, adding rustic elements into your home can emulate the feeling of Autumn within your interior decor. Using elements that occur naturally in nature is on our predicted trends list for this year. Wood, flowers, and greenery all come together to bring not only an element of beauty, but fun to your home.

The next time you’re on a leisurely Summer afternoon walk, be sure to look at nature. This will inspire you and help envision your dream interior design outcome. Consider adding elements of steel or metal, as this will contrast nicely with the warm, soft notes that we mentioned earlier. 


Contact us today to learn how Matt Powers Custom Homes can give your space an Autumn refresh.

These are our predictions for our top interior design trends for 2022, and stay tuned for more design updates and all things home.