The ultimate symbol of bathroom luxury? In our humble opinion, it’s the freestanding tub. Just imagine a gorgeous, large master bathroom with a wall of windows letting in natural light, and in front sits a magnificent soaking tub… it’s the ultimate spot for relaxation. 

Whether your bathroom is modern with clean lines, vintage or rustic, there’s a tub that fits in with every design style. Not sure what best suits yours? Let’s get inspired…

This beautiful classic freestanding bathtub is adorned with dark woodwork and bamboo to create a cabin-like feel. Situated in front of a large glass window looking out into a surrounding landscape, this is the bath you’ll find yourself soaking in for hours, just looking out into nature.

A luxury bathtub comes in a number of different shapes and sizes, even colors! In an attempt to spice up an all white bathroom, this charcoal bathtub immediately catches your eye while still maintaining that modern and sophisticated feeling the rest of the room puts off. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your hardware as well! The rose gold faucet adds another subtle design element. 

Who says your bathtub has to be symmetrical? There are plenty of interesting bathtub shapes to explore. Though placed along a corner, this tub still takes center stage and acts as an art sculpture within this bathroom. 

And as always, there’s the iconic clawfoot bathtub. These tubs add a classy, vintage flair to any bathroom. Ranging in a number of colors, from all white, black and white or brass and chrome accents, there’s bound to be one that strikes your fancy. And while these tubs are beautiful, they tend to be slightly smaller than many newer freestanding tubs, which can be a plus if your bathroom is on the smaller side!  If you’re looking to add a bit of luxury into your master suite, look no further!

With so many different options to choose from, choosing your perfect soaking tub can be an overwhelming decision. As always, we’re here to help with any design decision our clients may face! Our professional designers can help put together a cohesive bathroom that perfectly fits your needs, budget and style. We’re just a call away! #MattPowersCustomHomes