Luxury design trends keep the interior design community flourishing. With the change in seasons and Holidays approaching, there’s been a shift in luxury designs for the home. Matt Powers Custom Homes prides ourselves on staying ahead of the curve, and letting you know about the latest trends! Here’s a few that we’ve noticed are taking off in the luxury design world. 


1. Gold is back in style


Gold was a popular addition to homes throughout history, but it took off in the “hippie eclectic” movement in the 1970’s. Like everything else, these trends are coming back around! This time though, the gold is best paired with neutral and warm tones. Adding elements of gold in light fixtures, paintings, and even sculptures can elevate any space. Gold and other metallic tones have been being used to highlight different spaces in the home, adding to the warmth and coziness all around. The next time you’re looking to refresh your home, check out the gold décor! 

2. Unique-shaped furniture


Conversation pieces and unique-shaped furniture have always held a special place in interior design. Functional art is a welcome addition to any space, but recently we’ve seen more of these pieces being implemented! Not only are these pieces unique, but luxury designers are even requesting hand-made, one-of-a-kind pieces for their clients! This can add an extra element of flair and class to your home. 


3. Patterns and texture


Patterns have been a hot topic recently, in addition to added texture in furniture and art. Chunky-knit blankets and pillows can show off the craftsmanship that went into every weave, and combined with a tweed ottoman your living room can have even more life! Marble is a great pattern to work with, and typically best used in bathrooms and kitchens. You can combine this with warm, metallic hues to combine these trends for an even more luxurious feel. 


4. Open light and lots of greenery


Bringing the outside indoors has been on the rise throughout 2022, but we’re seeing an uptick in those big, gorgeous windows! This not only brings in natural sunlight but can make your home look like it’s straight out of a magazine. Another great way to bring your love of nature indoors is houseplants! Big or small, flowered or green, any plants can bring your home new life (and even fresher air)! The way you display your new plants can add a whole new experience and vibe to the room as well. 


Matt Powers Custom Homes knows luxury. Luxurious homes all have the charm of each individual owner, so remember to make your home yours! Taking these tips we hope you can enjoy a winter home refresh – the Holidays are right around the corner!

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