Summer is starting to come to a close, but our love for a nice pool day never seems to fade. Pools make a wonderful addition to any backyard and add a feeling of serenity, turning your outdoor space into an oasis. They’re a great addition to your home if you have kids, and boasts well for throwing parties, making your home the go-to spot for get-togethers. As with every other feature of a custom home build, a pool is fully customizable, and there any many new-age options we think you’ll love. 

When beginning to design your pool, considering how you want to use it is your best starting point. Do you picture yourself sitting out and reading next to the pool? Include a shallow submerged sun-deck where you can place loungers. If you plan on hosting people, think about including a poolside bar area with underwater stools for sitting on cocktails. And for the sake of enjoying your pool all year round, install a water heating feature as well as a hot tub for cool weather days. 

Think about the feeling you want your pool area to produce. If you’re more about relaxation, natural stone borders with a darker interior are recommended. If you’re looking to heat up your pool regularly, this will save you a lot of money and energy, because the dark color retains heat more easily than a light finish. Another benefit is that any dirt and debris will be more easily hidden, giving the pool a cleaner, more polished appearance overall. Rock waterfalls and surrounding landscaping are also beautiful additions to help elevate the design. 

Lastly, we’ll discuss technology and convenience. As we know, technology has evolved significantly in the last few years, and smart technology in your pool is no exception. Underwater, built-in speakers and surround sound are all perfect for blasting your favorite music, listening to a podcast on a relaxing afternoon or listening to a sports game over the radio. However, lighting is something that seems to be overlooked by many people. Customizable lighting is now available, with never-ending options. From timers and motion sensors to personally controlling the color and brightness, you can change the lighting to fit your mood with just the touch of a button. 

As custom home builders, we love personalizing and designing, and pools have such a wide variety of options to pick and choose from. The combinations are endless, and we can work with you to create a pool that perfectly fits your needs and captures your personal style. Give us a call today!