For a lot of our custom home clients, the ability to entertain, and entertain well is important. In terms of hosting, not all houses are created equally. Designing a custom home is all about creating a space that perfectly caters to the needs of your family, and the ability to throw great parties is no exception. There are a few features that are great to consider if you plan on frequently hosting parties in your home!

Choosing an open floor plan makes hosting easy. As the host, you can still mingle while preparing and serving food in the kitchen- and guests can make themselves at home on your living room couch only a few feet away. Most guests don’t like to feel as they’re intruding on personal space, so having the rooms flow into each other is ideal. A large island-style kitchen with bar seating works great and helps guests feel casual and at ease.

Backyard patios are one of the best places to host a get together of any size, whether it’s a few friends over for a few drinks, a birthday party for a child, or a full-on holiday party. A patio space complete with outdoor furniture, a fire pit, a sound system, and a pool is a hostess’ greatest tool for hosting guests & throwing casual get togethers. Don’t forget to include plenty of seating to accommodate enough guests during outdoor dinner parties.

Home theaters are a fun element for any home, and they’re especially great for families who have children. Kids can claim the movie room to watch television or play games with their friends in a sound-proof area while the parents relax noise-free. They’re also perfect for hosting super bowl parties or simply provide an extra TV, minimizing arguments over who has the remote.

If you plan on hosting large parties, considering a circle driveway is a great idea. This keeps your guest’s cars off the street and out of the way from other neighbor’s houses, giving everyone more peace of mind. It also allows guests to stay as they please, without blocking others from leaving.

By taking the time to fully consider what you want out of your custom home, you can get a better idea of the features and design it should have in order to truly be the house of your dreams. Our designers are here to offer suggestions and create a layout that is catered to your family.