If you love to entertain, throw parties or just have the occasional get together with friends and family, you may want to consider adding a bar area into your custom home design. The bar can be anything you desire, such as an outside bar, a wine storage area, or a butler’s pantry- the options are endless. With the help of a builder, you can create a completely custom bar that best fits your home’s layout and your specific lifestyle. No matter where your bar is located, there are a few main features you’ll want to include.

Bar Sinks- Having a built-in bar sink is very useful, even if your bar is located close to your kitchen. You want to have a convenient way to rinse supplies and clean out your glasses, so that you don’t have to transfer them back and forth and take up room in your kitchen sink. These sinks are typically very small, so they won’t take up a lot of unnecessary counter space.

Storage– At any bar, you have a number of different supplies you’ll need to keep handy- from cups, shakers, bottles, cans and more. Of course, cabinets are important for storage, but the way in which you organize and display with your supplies is completely customizable. Do you want to keep your liquor bottles on display? Consider a glass shelf above your bar. Do you enjoy wine? Incorporate a classic wine cellar design complete with a wine fridge. For smaller bars, fold-out workstations can allow for extra counter space when you’re making drinks. There are plenty of space-saving options that can help you achieve your desired look, no matter the size. 

Make it Unique- Bars are an area that are focused around fun, and we encourage our clients to use them as an opportunity to add unique elements into your home. Get creative with your light fixtures, countertops, seating and decor. Play with different colors and materials. Let your imagination run wild- what do you see at your dream bar? If you’re a beer lover, consider adding a space for built-in beer taps. Include a glass rack to display your finest wine glasses. Your bar can be as simple or as complex as your desire- that’s the beauty of custom design!

Along with the help of a professional builder, you can design a bar area that is perfectly customized to your home! Call us at (713)-787-6709 or email us at info@mattpowerscustomhomes.com to start discussing your vision today.