Renovating a home can be scary, renovating an older home can be even scarier. With so much already going on underneath the home’s surface, you never know what you could run into during the renovation process. Keep reading to get a better sense on what to expect. 


Rethink the windows

Did you know your windows do not need to be replaced as often as you think? Older windows can be energy efficient and save you money. So when the renovations are underway, remember to ask about your windows during the process. 


Know your maintenance cycles

Any house needs maintenance but the older ones may require more frequent work. By having regular maintenance check ups on the house you could be saving money in the long run instead of having everything checked right before renovations start. 


Budget accordingly

Renovating certainly is not cheap but it does improve the quality of your house, life, and surrounding neighborhood. It is an investment so treat it as such and budget accordingly. Like mentioned above, older houses may have more work to be done under the surface so be sure to account for those issues if they arise. 


Keep some of that old charm

While renovating be sure to keep some of the old school charm that was left behind. This could be doorknobs, crown molding, or shutters. Leaving these relics on the finished product can look interesting and also add some history to the house.


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