Preparing your home for Fall can be fun for the whole family! In today’s busy world, family time is more important now than ever. When transitioning your home décor from Summer to Autumn, you may feel overwhelmed with what to keep displayed and what to pack away for next year. Matt Powers Custom Homes knows what makes a space luxurious, and Fall décor has a warm, welcoming feel in any home. Today, we’ve compiled 5 simple décor swaps to prepare your home for Fall!


Picture Frames For Fall


A simple switch to bring Fall vibes into any space is to take our existing picture frames and upgrade them! Different colors such as gold, dark brown, or even red can make the world of a difference when decorating your home for the new season. A great idea is to do this for every season, or even just switch out a few accent picture frames on side tables or walls. This will bring your home a refreshing Fall touch. 


Warm Lampshades & Lights


The coziness of the indoors during Fall isn’t lost on us! To make your home even warmer, consider swapping out your usual lampshades for warmer, darker ones. This may dim some lights, but that will just help the ambiance even more. To take it up a notch, try warm-toned light bulbs too. 


Fall Throw Pillows In Every Room


Who doesn’t love a good throw pillow? Even better is when they’re seasonal! There’s endless options for Fall colored and themed throw pillows, so why not get one of each? These can be easily swapped out and stored until they’re ready to be used again. The same idea for this one as before is true, warm colors can bring that cozy feeling into any space. 


Outdoor Fall Decorations


Preparing the exterior of your home for Fall doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Simple swaps like outdoor candles, door wreaths, and entryway rugs can make all the difference! The best part is you won’t be overflowing with décor, since you can just swap out your normal, everyday pieces for seasonal ones. Win win if you ask us!


Fall Wall Art


Wall art is a staple in any luxurious home, especially during the Fall season. Paintings of treescapes and pictures of leaves never fail to bring that warm Autumn feeling. In addition to the fun, the beauty of these pieces can tie together perfectly with your existing furniture and your new Fall décor as well! 

All of these home décor tips have us ready for Fall. Does your home need a seasonal refresh or renovation? Contact Matt Powers Custom Homes today to see how we can help!