Sunrooms are a beautiful addition to any home, but  they can also be tricky… especially in the heat of summer! If you’re searching for a way to enjoy the beauty of your sunroom in the Texas heat, keep reading to see how we recommend prepping your sunroom for summer.


Invest In Central Air

This is kind of a no brainer since sunrooms are notorious for getting super hot. Central air is 100% the most effective way to get the proper air flow into your sunroom when a simple fan won’t do the trick. Invest in central air and we promise you’ll be using your sunroom much more often.


Pick The Right Flooring

When picking the right flooring for your sunroom you want to be mindful of the elements. Tile and hardwood are a good choice but carpet isn’t. Remember you want to keep the space as cool as possible. 


Go Monochromatic

If you are decorating your sunroom for the first time or thinking of redecorating it, go monochromatic! This design technique is great for small spaces because it looks put together with minimal effort. Our favorite color to go all out with is white for sunrooms.


Stay Private

Remember to take your privacy into consideration and add blinds! A sunroom is made to let the sun in but sometimes you may want to conceal your sunroom. Blinds can be tricky as they can date the home, so choose something classic and timeless. If you really don’t like the look of blinds in your sunroom, opt for curtains or drapes, but remember the point above, go monochromatic and match the curtains to the decor! Concealing your room is also important if you want to hangout in your sunroom at night as it is very easy to see in a well lit room full of windows at night.


Lighting Is Everything

A sunroom is made for natural light, yes. But what about when you want to hang out there at night? Pick a cool light fixture that fits the space or invest in a few lamps! A sunroom kind of turns into a bonus room in the fall/winter when the sun isn’t out as much, so be sure to decorate in a way that also appeals to those seasons. 


Are you getting inspired to rethink your sunroom before summer hits? We hope you enjoyed these tips and have a great summer season!