While building a custom home is always a great move, in order for it to be the best possible experience, you have to ensure you’re picking the right builder. A builder that fully understands the wants and needs of your family is vital, as you’ll be trusting them to design your dream home and bring your vision to fruition. 

How long have you been building homes in the area? 

The number of years of experience a builder has is important to pay attention to. Builders that have stood the test of time, and have delivered high-quality homes for many clients over the years is a telltale sign that you’re in good hands. Along with that, the familiarity of the area goes a long way too. Builders who know, and can trust the people who handle the fire codes, permit applications and even the subcontractors in your area can give you peace of mind knowing any obstacles will be handled smoothly. 

Can you work with my budget and still create what I want?

Quality custom home builders will be able to work with your budget and still be able to create a home that is exciting, unique and captures what you want it to be. They’ll have insight and experience in creating all your dream concepts at a cost you can afford. With builders who know what they’re doing, you should be able to bring your ideas to them in an initial meeting, and receive an estimate on their pricing. If the price seems surprisingly high or low, be wary. 

How closely will you manage the construction, and update me on progress? 

Most custom home builders will have several projects and builds going on at once. It’s important to know how involved they stay when the construction begins, instead of diverting all their attention to new clients. Will the builder be on sight during construction, or will it be a different supervisor? Sequentially, you’ll want an understanding of how the communication and updating process will go and an idea of what you can expect. How often should you expect updates- monthly, weekly, bi-monthly? 

Quality builders will understand your concerns and give you an honest answer, as well as stick to their word. While it is better to honest regarding how often they can provide updates, they should still strive to regularly communicate with clients. 

These are just a few baseline questions to ask any potential home builder in order to gain an understanding of their company, quality and the way they run their business. Finding a builder that you can trust in all aspects of your build is essential- as well as one that recognizes your needs and can provide a home you and your family will love for years to come.