Ready to rework your interior in 2022? A new year is a great time to refresh your home, make some changes, and maybe even take some risks when it comes to the things that are in your personal space. 

The interior design of your home is just as important as the custom architecture. Keep reading to see some of the freshest styles that are on the rise in 2022. 


Add a Touch of Nature

Bringing the outside in is not only sustainability focused, but also grounding! Try adding a floor plant, some olive green throw pillows, or even a terracotta accent wall. You don’t have to live in a treehouse to get on this trend, but incorporating some green into your living space will definitely level up your home in 2022.


Clean and Simple

Crisp lines and smooth textures never go out of style. Make your home a tranquil sanctuary by keeping things modern. Colors like white, black, tan, and gray can create this peaceful environment. Check out one of Matt Powers Custom Homes, 10 Jonathan Landing to get inspiration on this concept. 


Incorporate Collectibles

Turn on some charm in your home with antiques! Take a trip to an antique shop, thrift store, or estate sale. Discover vintage items that are decades old but still in good condition and add them to your home. Adding a gallery wall full of antique pictures or even an art-deco chair can really create a new feel in your home.


Something Blue

Periwinkle blue was named 2022’s color of the year. Just another reason to incorporate blue into our living spaces! Blue is trending in 2022 for many reasons, it’s versatile, but it also creates a space for rest and tranquility. It can be treated as a neutral because it can be shared with both warm or cool color palettes. Add something blue in the new year.


Which one of these 2022 trends will you add into your home in the new year?