2022 is just a few days away. This year, get your dream home. A home that is fit for you because it was made with you, that is what Matt Powers Custom Homes is all about. Discover the big reasons why you need to build in the new year.


  1. Your home is not a small expense, it’s an investment. You want to make sure that what you invest in is something that you actually like! Choosing to build custom is the perfect way to do this. From the heated floors to the French doors, it’s all your vision. 


  1. A newer home means up to date appliances. When building a new custom home you are able to choose from the most cutting edge appliances that may not have been available prior. This saves energy and potentially money, while looking good all at the same time. 


  1. You choose where to build. The beauty of a custom home is the freedom in where to put it. Wherever you wish to build your home Matt Powers Custom Homes is ready to help you design it from the ground up. 


Ready to put this dream into action? Start off 2022 right, start it off with Matt Powers Custom Homes.