Not only do upgrades and renovation projects add beauty and function to our homes, but they also add value which may pay off in the long run! Whether you’re planning for the distant future, or are looking to add value before selling your home, here are a few different types of home improvement projects to invest in before listing. 

Make your home more beautiful.

The most effective, and popular means of adding value to your home is in terms of aesthetic home improvement projects. It’s no secret that big, beautiful kitchens and fancy bathrooms will allow you to get more money for your home, and sell more quickly. So, in order to raise the value of your home, look around and determine what areas could most use improvement or upgrades. 

Curb appeal is a big one- ensure your exterior siding looks good, and the overall outside of your home is attractive. Things like front porches and professional landscaping will draw in many potential buyers, and deem your home more valuable than before. Other common renovation projects include new countertops, new cabinets, new floors, new bathtubs, showers and more.

Make your home more efficient.

The level of energy efficiency in your home can deem it more valuable, as it is both more eco-friendly, and economic for potential buyers. Consider upgrading your old appliances to ENERGY STAR, adding double paned windows, switching to LED lighting or improving your attic’s insulation. All these changes will drastically improve your home’s overall energy efficiency, saving future homeowners money on utilities. In places like Texas where weather is more extreme, energy efficiency becomes even more valuable. 

Make your home smarter.

As technology continues to improve, smart features in homes are becoming more and more normalized, and in some cases expected. Potential buyers are on the lookout for “smart homes,” with unique technological features such as smart thermostats, home security systems, smart locks, and lighting. These provide buyers with a sense of security and higher function that is valuable to them, thus raising the overall value of your home.

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