Moving is not the only option! At Matt Powers Custom Homes and Renovations, we don’t only offer brand new custom-designed homes, we also give our clients the option to remodel the home they are currently in. Though a lot of clients choose to build a new custom home, others prefer having the opportunity to go the remodeling route and upgrade the home they are already in. This can save money and the trouble of packing up and physically moving. 

Each client is different and deserves a process that is custom to their needs, so their vision can be completed smoothly. When meeting with a renovation client, we begin to assess whether an architect or interior designer is needed in order to perfectly complete the job and deliver a beautiful home. Having the right team is an essential part of having these projects run smoothly and seamlessly for the client.

In meetings with our renovation clients, we really listen to their specific needs and concerns so that we can deliver the best possible solution to any and all of the problems they are facing. Our goal is to use our many years of experience and design expertise in order to design a home that both fits the desires of the client and allows their home to function even better than they dreamed it could. Based on our understandings of what the client wants and needs, we then offer solutions and ideas about different ways to build a plan for your space, implement your personal style, and overall make it better suited to your lifestyle. 

As we’ve said before, our business is built on the relationships we have with our clients. Learning about the family dynamics, what kinds of activities the family enjoys, who frequently visits and more really gives us an edge on customizing your home on a higher level than just aesthetics. We put an emphasis on making the renovation process enjoyable for the family. Being connected to our clients is what allows us to be successful in creating beautiful, functional homes that are enjoyed for decades to come. 

We want to treat our customers as if they are the most special piece of the entire project, not us. Customization is our forte, and renovation is no different. If you’re considering a remodel in your home, big or small, we urge you to reach out for us to begin discussing your vision. We’d love to be able to update and redesign your space in a way that is completely tailored to you.