Customizing your own home is a dream come true- you get to make every feature of your house exactly how you would want it. However, it’s not in the cards for every family, nor is it always the best option. But for some families, a custom home really fits their lifestyle and budget and winds up as a smart investment. So, how do you know if you’re one of those families? Here are just a few of the signs…

If you’re unable to find your perfect house in an ideal neighborhood. Typically, you’ll be able to find one or the other, but finding one together is much more rare. Usually, families will settle in one of these areas. Luckily, when you build a custom home, you’re able to choose any available lot and design a house to sit on top of it… a win-win! The only limitations you may find are with builders being zoned to certain areas- just check with your preferred builder to find out the areas they can work in.

You’ve been burned in the past with older houses… there’s always something that needs to be repaired or updated. In fact, people end up spending much more than anticipated on updates or remodels in older homes, that they often think will be a quick fix. In a brand new home, you’re able to monitor how things are being built, and installed – everything is new and up to current code! There is no mold, water heater problems or flooring that is coming up. All the cabinetry and flooring already fits your style! You can start from scratch and care for and enjoy your home properly from day one. 

No homes quite seem to fit your family’s needs. Some may feel too big, some may have too few bedrooms. Maybe you need a large backyard or two home offices. Custom homes are so important because no two people live exactly alike- so being able to customize your home and maximize the square footage so that there is no space being unused, might be well worth it for you.

No matter the reason, if you find yourself researching information about custom homes, odds are you already know that you’re a great candidate for this process! We’d love to chat more about your vision, wishes, budget and timeline so that we can get you started on this journey!