A spring refresh is always necessary, whether you are cleaning out your closet or shaking up your home decor. Keep reading to learn more about the biggest interior design trends this spring!

Wicker Furniture

There is something about going outside or in your sunroom and sitting on a wicker chair that just feels like spring. Wicker furniture is practically made for spring weather, and we encourage you to incorporate it as much as possible to emulate this feeling!

Rethink Your Kitchen Space

Decluttering any room can make your home feel fresh, but the kitchen is a must! Clean out those drawers that are filled to the brim, toss the trinkets in the window above the sink, and don’t forget to clean out the fridge. This may not be a “decor trend” but by minimizing the junk in your kitchen you will elevate your home.

Flowers, Everywhere!

Flowers will always be a spring trend, it is not going away anytime soon. Buy fresh flowers for your home or collect flower patterns to accentuate the furniture you already have.


Green is quickly becoming a popular color to decorate with. Follow this spring trend by throwing up an accent wall or hanging a picture in your living room that is more green than anything else. 

Accessorize The Entryway

First impressions are everything, so decorate the entryway of your home! Simply placing a chair or a small table in this space can make your home feel more inviting. Don’t forget the outside of your entryway as well. 

Are you feeling inspired yet? Take one of these tips or all and prep your house for spring!