Ready for a change? Whether you’ve grown out of your physical space, or simply want to upgrade your home’s interior style, deciding whether to pack up and move or remodel your space can be a difficult choice to make.  So, how do you decide?

There are a few different things to consider when deciding which option is best for your family. First things first, really think about why you want to move houses  what is it about your current living situation that you want to change? Is your home far too small? Do you want to move to a different neighborhood? If you answered yes to either of those, odds are you’d be happier with a full move. However, if your desires for change center around design style, upgrades or even expansion, choosing to remodel has the potential to save you a lot of time and money. 


Renovating is a fantastic option that allows you to completely transform your space, without having to spend the time, money and energy moving to a new house. Are you wanting more room? Significant expansions are very possible with renovation as well! Whether it’s making your kitchen bigger, adding a covered back patio or even an entire bedroom these types of renovations are done all the time! Of course, always speak with a professional builder to ensure that your project is feasible and within your budget.

It’s been said that it can take up to seven years to recoup the money spent on a move. By choosing to renovate you can avoid building costs, expensive movers, and the endless hours you would spend packing. If you’re happy with your location and are simply looking to upgrade your home, you might find that renovation just makes sense!

New Builds

Of course, there are still situations where building new is a better choice! For example,  if you have your heart set on a specific area or piece of land, seize the opportunity to design a brand new home in an area that is better suited for your family! 

Additionally, building new is usually a better option if your current home is on the older side. If your home has structural issues or an outdated floor plan, it will likely be a better investment to start from scratch. Is your family rapidly expanding? If you anticipate needing a large increase in space over the coming years, building a larger home with plenty of space will likely be more feasible than expansion. 

Of course, designing a brand new, custom home has many pros. Work one on one with a professional designer to design the home of your dreams – no more settling! 

Still not sure which choice is best for your situation? We’d love to help! Give us a call to discuss your options today!