When you think of renovation, odds are you think about remodeling the interior of a home… including bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and more. But what about remodeling the exterior? Whether you’re simply wanting a change of scenery or are looking to increase your home’s curb appeal, here are some gorgeous exterior renovation options to consider for your house.

Fresh Paint

Of course, one of the quickest ways to change the look of your home’s exterior is with a fresh coat of paint. If you’re looking to give your home a more elevated look, a shade of bright white is always a great choice. This gives the illusion of your home being “new.” Pair with black trim and accents for a more modern approach. Earth tones and muted neutrals are popular choices as well! 

Lighting and Landscaping

Next, consider adding some lighting fixtures, and professional landscaping. While these elements aren’t part of the home itself, you’ll be surprised at the difference they make in the overall appearance! Line your pathways with lights, or install a light above your front door. Not only will it impact the appearance of your home, but could also increase the value of your home by up to 20%! These small touches will have your house looking more polished in no time.

Beautiful landscaping also plays a big part in home design. When a home features nice greenery or flowers, it makes it feel more inviting and well kept. When working with your landscaper to choose which plants to include, be sure to keep in mind how much maintenance you want to put into your yard! They will be able to suggest low-cost options. 

Adding a Front Porch

One of the biggest and most impactful exterior renovation jobs is adding a front porch. For decades, a beautiful front porch has been a huge trend in home design, and for good reason. Firstly, they add interest to the front of a house, rather than just having a flat wall. They also provide a place for you to display decoration, and further personalize the outside of your home. Plus, they’re fantastic for enjoying your morning cup of coffee! 

While adding a front porch may be pricey, it’s important to keep in mind the value and curb appeal it will add to your home! 

Adding just one of these renovation options to your home’s exterior will dramatically change its appearance and help to increase the overall value of your home! Looking for more ideas? Stay tuned for part two of our exterior renovation blog series!