When you build a custom home, it’s completely up to you what goes in it. As we always say, the sky’s the limit! But besides picking out color, tile, flooring and layout, there are also plenty of fun add ons that you can work into your home to make it a little more you.

When you start your custom home design process, we recommend making a list of your must-have features first- this will help you decide where to best allocate your budget. Then, create a wish list of features that you’d love to have, but can live without. If you have budget leftover after nailing down your must-have features, you can put that money towards items on your wish list! 

We’re dreamers here at Matt Powers, and luxury is our middle name. Here are some of our favorite wish list features that add a little something special to any custom home…

Sauna or Steam Room

Imagine coming home after a long day and enjoying your own private steam room or sauna, located right in your master bathroom. These rooms can be as big or small as you need them to be, and they can even be connected to your shower for ease of access and saving space. If you’d rather have your sauna be somewhere a little more central, considering placing one near your outdoor area, perhaps off a pool house or back patio. That way, your guests can enjoy it too! 

Hot Tub – Indoor or Outdoor

Who doesn’t love a hot tub? Perfect for relaxing after a long day, hot tubs are both a place of relaxation and connection with friends and family. Place one outside next to your pool, or consider placing one indoors for the ultimate luxury experience. 

Heated Floors

Ever heard of heated floors? During the winter months, heated floors will help efficiently warm your house and keep your feet nice and cozy all season long. Long gone are the days of stepping onto harsh, cold tile floors. This feature is best suited for areas with harder floors, like a bathroom or the kitchen. Simply preheat your floors with the touch of a button! Because heat rises, this feature can make a big difference in the way that you heat your home. 

Any of these wish list items tickle your fancy? Let’s talk about how we can work them into your very own Matt Powers Custom Home! Contact us at info@mattpowerscustomhomes.com or call us at 713-787-6709 to get started today!