Just like everything else in the world, home design trends are constantly evolving and changing… that’s what makes home design and custom construction such a fun business to be in! With so many different choices and styles for every little feature found in a home, there are always new, fun combinations and trends to experiment with. Here are some of the most popular trends we’ve noticed over the past few months!

Natural Stone Used Indoors

Natural stone walls have always been a popular trend for the exterior of your home, commonly found on sidings, pathways, porches and more. However, we’re beginning to see more and more people looking for ways to bring the outdoors inside. Using natural stone as an accent wall or tile flooring is a great way to do just that! Our favorite place to incorporate this trend would have to be in the bedroom… acting as a focal point for the room, and framing the bed!

Bold Patterns

Just a few years ago, the use of any sort of pattern was unheard of. We all wanted to stay far away from the floral wallpapers of yesteryear, and instead focus on crisp, neutral colors. While staying neutral is still very much on trend, we’re now seeing bold patterns being used as an accent, in order to strike a counterbalance and add some interest to your home’s overall design. Think patterned backsplashes, tiles and even wallpapers! This trend is a great way to express your personality throughout your home. 

Open Face Shelving

Some hate it, some love it! Open face shelving is definitely a great way to improve the overall aesthetic of your kitchen, especially if you have beautiful dishes to show off. If your kitchen tends to feel small or cramped, taking down big bulky cabinets and replacing them with airy shelves is a surefire way to open up the space. However, ensure you have plenty of storage elsewhere! 

Light Toned Wood

While all hard wood is beautiful, we’re starting to see a lot of people straying away from darker toned woods, and focusing more on light toned woods that give an airy, more open feel to the entirety of the house. This trend is often inspired by Nordic and Scandinavian design! 

Did one of these trends inspire you to try something new with your interior design style? Contact us today!