The kitchen can be one of the most personal rooms in any home. Large kitchens with an open concept and oversized islands are extremely popular these days, as are walk-in pantries! While these pantries don’t necessarily contribute to the glitz and glam of some other design-focused features, this option can actually play a huge part in the overall look and functionality of your kitchen! Keep reading to learn why you should include a walk-in pantry in your custom home. 

Why are walk-in pantries so great? Firstly, they offer plenty of extra room for food storage! Gone are the days where your pantry is stuffed to the brim and unorganized. A large pantry allows you to dedicate a spot for different types of foods, and gives you room to incorporate more organizational tools such as shelving, baskets and lazy susans! Baskets with labels can help you to keep foods together, such as beans, grains, pasta and more. You can even create snack baskets for your kids, making it easy for them to see their options! 

This level of organization will allow you to better see what is actually in your pantry, helping you to shop smarter, and avoid buying doubles of items you already have. For those that prefer to buy food in bulk. A walk-in pantry has ample room to store larger amounts of non-perishable items, and ultimately reduce the number of trips you take to the grocery store each month! 

Besides food storage, these pantries are also great for storing larger kitchen appliances. Nowadays, we all have more kitchen gadgets than can fit on our countertops! Keep occasional items such as your air fryer, pressure cooker, or blender in the pantry for easy access! Storing these items away from the main kitchen area can free up cupboard and counter space, reducing clutter and leaving you more room to cook. 

With less clutter on your countertops, you’ll have more room to prep and display decor in your kitchen. Overall, this will contribute to maintaining the beauty of your kitchen, while aiding in functionality at the same time! Walk-in pantries make all the difference when it comes to cooking, organizing, and meal-planning. Not only do they help to reduce clutter, but they give you more storage space and can even reduce your trips to the grocery store! 

Thinking about adding a walk-in pantry to your kitchen? Contact us to discuss ideas on how to incorporate one into your layout!