What’s outside of your home is just as important as what is inside. You can have a luxury Matt Powers Custom Home but if your front yard (or back yard) is frumpy, it can throw off the look of your entire masterpiece of a home. 


Read these tips to ensure you are getting the most out of your home’s exterior exquisiteness. 


Privacy Hedges

If the pandemic taught us anything it is that staying inside isn’t all that bad, bring the privacy of your home to the backyard with privacy hedges. We have heard of tall fences, but why not let your hedges double as your fence? This gives a mediterranean feel while also turning your backyard into your own personal oasis. 


Outdoor Entertainment

There is no better way to elevate your backyard than entertainment features. This can be done in many ways: a firepit, TV, outdoor kitchen, or even a game of corn hole can transform your outdoor space and make it more inviting. 


Match Your Landscape With Your Home Aesthetic 

This may be tricky for some homeowners. If you happen to love the look of palm trees but you live in a Stately Traditional style house, it is bound to look a little off-putting. Instead of mixing styles, stick to one cohesive look inside and outside your home. 


Reduce Your Lawn

Hate doing yard work? No worries, reduce your lawn! Add a pool, concrete seating areas, or even a stone walkway. This will dramatically decrease the intensity of yard work and it will also give your outdoor space a new feel and flair. 


Don’t slack on the outside condition of your home. Add one of these features and level up your overall exterior of your house.