In modern day interior design, the kitchen is the focal point of the home. It’s the place where families gather in the midst of a busy day, and it often sets the tone for a home’s interior design style. Whether you’re planning for a kitchen remodel or creating a design plan for your custom home, having an idea of what features you want will make the planning process easier! 

In this day and age, technology plays an integral role in our everyday lives. Now, smart technology has made its way into our homes, and the kitchen is one of the best places to start integrating it into your interior design! There are options for just about everything- from the facet, and fridge, even lighting! Smart refrigerators allow homeowners to see the weather, watch videos, follow recipes and keep a household shopping list all in one place! Utilize lighting technology that features timers and dimming functions, as well as gives you control from your smartphone. Motion-sensing faucets can turn the water on from a simple tap of the wrist! Based on convenience alone, smart technology is undoubtedly one of this year’s biggest kitchen design trends! 

For the past couple of years, crisp white kitchens were seen everywhere. This year, darker colors are making a comeback! Hues like black, deep brown, navy and green make for beautiful accent shades in a kitchen. Opt for these dark colors on cabinets, islands or even backsplashes to break up the all-white theme, and provide contrast that will allow your white features to pop!

What has stood the test of time however, are classic quartz countertops! This material is durable, anti-microbial, and is easy to clean and maintain, unlike some other options – like granite. When quartz first came on the market, there wasn’t a wide variety of options for color or patterns. However, we now have access to a large number or colors and patterns- and it can even be made to mimic natural stone patterns, such as marble! 

Kitchen islands used to be an afterthought, but now these beloved features are at the center of kitchen design. Islands are so versatile- in their most modern, oversized version they offer multiple uses, such as extra counter space and storage, as well as built in seating. Islands are especially useful for hosting! 

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