What are the benefits of renovating an existing property versus building a custom home? Matt Powers Custom Homes has established a reputation for crafting beloved spaces for several decades. With the guidance of our seasoned team of professionals, our clients are empowered to select the best option that suits their needs. Whether it entails a comprehensive home renovation or the construction of a brand-new, fully customized home, the choice is ultimately yours. 


Today, we’ve gathered the advantages of renovations versus custom homes. If you’re unsure where to begin your home design journey, let us do the heavy lifting for you. 


Advantages of Renovations


  • Matt Powers Custom Homes specializes in renovating older homes while preserving their unique character and charm. This means that while you enjoy modern updates, you won’t lose the original features that make your home special. With our expertise in optimizing the use of existing structures and materials, you can potentially save money compared to building a new home. 


  • Renovations generally have a shorter project timeline than building a new home. We can efficiently work within the existing framework of your home to help you achieve your dream living space with less time spent on construction. 


  • We take pride in promoting sustainable and green building practices that are aligned with the latest eco-friendly standards. With our renovation services, you can rest assured that your project will not only enhance the beauty of your space but also contribute to a better environment for generations to come.


Advantages of Custom Homes


  • When you decide to build a new home, you have the advantage of beginning with a blank canvas. Matt Powers Custom Homes can work closely with you to design and construct a home that perfectly matches your preferences, lifestyle, and requirements. 


  • Building a new home also allows for the incorporation of the latest technology and energy-efficient systems. Matt Powers Custom Homes can integrate advanced security systems, smart home features, and energy-efficient appliances to ensure that your home is equipped with the latest innovations.


  • A newly built home by Matt Powers Custom Homes comes with warranties on materials and workmanship. This provides peace of mind, knowing that your investment is protected. Additionally, new homes often require less immediate maintenance, as everything is brand new and built to current standards. 


  • New homes are designed keeping energy efficiency in mind. Matt Powers Custom Homes can incorporate energy-efficient windows, insulation, and HVAC systems, leading to long-term cost savings on utility bills and a reduced environmental impact.


When you select Matt Powers Custom Homes for your home transformation journey, you can be assured that you are in good hands. With an invaluable blend of experience in both whole-home renovations and custom home construction, MPCH comprehends the distinctive advantages of each. Whatever method you prefer, we are at your service. Our award-winning team will assist in refining your vision to perfection. When you are prepared for another renovation, we are just a phone call away.

Reach out to begin transforming your residence this holiday season!