The garage is typically one of the most under-utilized rooms in the average American home. If it’s not being used to house cars, it’s typically filled with clutter, and lacks sufficient storage, deeming it unusable! Garages end up getting messy and dirty, making them an unpleasant source of stress for many. 

One of the greatest things about custom design is the sheer freedom homeowners have over each room. When designing a custom home, one of the best things to do is consider how you’ll want to use each room, and work with your builder to create a design that is both beautiful and uniquely functional for your family. The garage should be no exception! Read on for some of the top features every garage should have!

High Quality Doors

Garage doors are expensive, and you’ll want to avoid replacing them for as long as possible. Our advice is to invest in high quality, sturdy doors right out of the gate. Look for doors that are both rust and weather resistant, and will stand the test of time. Nice garage doors also do wonders for your home’s curb appeal, and prevents your garage from taking away from the beauty of your home’s exterior.


The most common complaint with garages is lack of storage. So, take a moment and consider what you’ll be storing in your garage. Tools? Sports equipment? Seasonal decor? Every family is different. Based on this information, consider different storage options like built in shelves or lockers to store your items. Make use of the vertical space by installing hooks and peg boards that can store smaller, hand held tools and prevent clutter. You may even be able to utilize the ceiling, by hanging little-used items such as old bikes. 

Extra Work Space

Having ample work space is important! Whether or not you’re regularly handy with tools, you’ll need space to complete a home project every once in a while. Consider a sturdy bench that can easily tuck away, or even a convenient fold out table, in order to maximize space.

Climate Control

Though it may seem like a luxury, including insulation and climate control in your garage can help protect your items from weather damage, allowing you to store a larger variety of items! 

We hope some of these garage ideas helped spark inspiration for some of your own! Still not sure how to design the perfect custom garage for your family? We can help. Contact us at info@mattpowerscustomhomes.com or call us at 713-787-6709!