When designing your master bedroom, it’s important to incorporate your personal style and elements that will create a relaxing, calming space that you can enjoy for years to come. While playing around and creating a space that is unique to you is important, there are a few suggestions that many designers tend to go by, in order to keep the feel simple and serene. 

Keep it mostly neutral. It’s great to add color to your home, and we encourage you to do this in your bedroom as well. However, stick to only a few colors in the bedroom, keeping most of them calm- such as a gray, off-white, or light blue. Black is an accent color that can help achieve a more dramatic, luxurious feel. For pops of color, try adding throw blankets, throw pillows and artwork.

Your bedroom should be a place you can retreat to and relax in. Making space for a reading nook is a great idea if you love to read, or create a cozy corner for drinking coffee in the mornings or winding down before bed with some tea. These seating areas are lovely near a window, with some comfortable seating beside a bistro table or bookshelf. Having a seating area in your bedroom will inspire you to take some time to yourself to unwind. 

Interject your personality into the room. Your bedroom is one of the only areas in your house that most guests one see- which gives you the creative liberty to do just about anything with it. Because most people won’t see it, the style doesn’t have to match the rest of the house. Add in unique accents, textures, and artwork to make it your own. Mismatch furniture and add elements of visual interest. 

The only rule of thumb is to ensure that the room stays minimalistic and simple- not overwhelming. Having too much decor can cause the room to feel cramped and stressful to be in. Because you want your bedroom to be relaxing, it is best to keep the decor to a minimum, while keeping the pieces that you love the most. Less is more. 

We encourage you to have fun designing your master bedroom, as it is one of the most important rooms in your house. Create a relaxing, inviting atmosphere that you’ll love coming home to every day- filled with things that you bring you joy! After all, the beauty of a custom home is handcrafting every aspect of the design and creating a house that perfectly captures your personal style.