With everyone spending more time in their homes, many people are finding themselves in a situation where they are working from home for the first time. While staying home all day may sound luxurious, many find that it can be difficult to focus if they don’t have a specified work area or work hours. A customized home office can really change the mood for a lot of people, and allow them to switch into work mode when they enter this designated space and come out of it when the workday is over. It’s all about separation. Besides that, it helps to keep clutter out of the common areas and leaves room for other activities.

Just like any other room in a custom home, you want your office to perfectly fit your lifestyle, needs, work-life, as well as your design style. After all, you want your workspace to be inviting so that you find the motivation to work, rather than a room that you don’t enjoy spending time in, that seems bland and overwhelming.

Before you start designing your office, envision yourself sitting in it. Imagine enjoying your morning cup of coffee with sunshine flooding in. Get a good sense of how you want the room to feel, and start designing off of that. If natural light is important to you, talk to your designer about how to maximize the space so that the most light can come in. If you’re more worried about optimal storage space, they may be able to install built-in bookshelves to save wall space. Perhaps a large whiteboard that allows you to look at your to-do list would be helpful. The options are truly endless.

Now imagine your families’ everyday tasks that would be fit to take place in an office. Are you working at home full time, or is this an area to store paperwork and offer the occasional workspace a few times a week. Do your kids need an area to do homework during the week? The space could include a corner for them to utilize when you’re cooking dinner in the evenings after school. 

Whatever it may be, custom home designers are here to help you dream up a design that is both beautiful and functional, in ways you may have not even known you needed- or wanted! When you’re ready to start discussing this addition, contact us at 713-787-6709 or email us at info@mattpowerscustomhomes.com.