Who doesn’t love natural lighting? Having adequate natural lighting in your home not only aids in highlighting your interior and reducing energy usage, but it can positively affect your mood and provide benefits for your mental health. Though the amount of light that comes through your windows will vary from season to season, there are a few things to keep in mind when building and designing your home that will help to maximize it!

Strategic window placement can really make a difference in terms of maximization. Windows in the kitchen helps to boost one’s mood while cooking or eating breakfast in the morning. Adding a window sill can be a great place to grow plants and herbs. Work at home? Include a big window in your office for a continuous serotonin boost and see your work ethic improve. Skylights are another unique option that help fill a room with light. These are popular in master bathrooms and upstairs bedrooms. If you’re building a one story house, try one or two in your living room! 

As for the rest of the house, work with your builder to intentionally place windows in areas where they are least likely to be blocked by furniture. Additionally, take note of the sun’s rising and setting patterns in relation to your home’s position. What windows placements will aid in the most light? Traditionally, south-facing windows are the most versatile. They allow soft light during fall, winter and spring, but help to limit harsh direct light in the summer months. Consequently, they aid in capitalizing upon the sun’s heat when needed, and limiting it when you don’t. These types of windows are great for main rooms where you spend the majority of your time. On the flip side, north-facing windows receive even natural light throughout the year, and still limit direct sunlight. These are more favored for rooms that are used less frequently, like a laundry room or a bathroom, as they don’t regulate heat but still offer nice lighting.

To continually enhance the effects of your windows, stick with light paint colors and include reflective surfaces that will allow the light to bounce off, and spread throughout your home. Additionally, talk with your builder about tips to maximize the natural lighting in your home, and design your home’s layout in a way that best suits these goals. Call us at (713)-787-6709 or email us at info@mattpowerscustomhomes.com to start discussing your vision today!