Nautical, coastal styled designs have been around forever; it’s one of those classic interior design looks that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Great for those who love the beach, small town ocean towns and are inspired by the water, it’s a style that many are fond of. While some design their entire home around such a theme, others prefer adding in smaller design elements for a more subtle look. Either way, there are several key ways to achieve a nautical design style.

Taking inspiration from the ocean, use blues and whites as your main color palette. Light sky blue walls paired with decor accents of royal or navy blue, accompanied by white-painted woodwork are all staples of this design style. Take this into account when choosing anything from wall colors, furniture, decor to pillows and throw blankets. Even just a few touches here and there can really change the feel of the room.

Use ocean-themed prints. Often, beach houses are a little more laid back and include fun nautical prints in the form of wallpaper or couch covers. Blue and white stripes, anchors or starfish are all great examples. By incorporating some patterns, you will start to see the design start to take place. This goes for decor items as well- be bold with your choices. Besides just art prints, physical knick-knacks and authentic wall art will make a statement. Novelty items like sand dollars, ship wheels and treasure maps are fun ideas for designing a bookshelf or inspired wall pieces. 

White painted wood is one of the most iconic materials for nautical themed homes. When choosing furniture, gain inspiration from an outdoor patio. White painted wood couches, chairs and coffee tables are a classic choice. Incorporating shiplap is another fantastic feature to consider, whether it be an accent wall, a ceiling or even flooring. You’ll find that this will pull your design together, elevating it from a beach-inspired house to a classy, nautical themed home. 

Look around for inspiration, there are plenty of ways to further your design theme and plenty of unique ideas and ways to go about it. One of the greatest perks of building a custom home is hand-selecting and designing the features of your house. We would be more than happy to begin discussing how to incorporate your personal style into your custom home throughout every aspect of the building process. You bring us the vision, and we’ll come up with ideas on how to best bring it to life!