Are you ready to invest in your dream home? With Matt Powers Custom Homes on your side, the process is simple and fun! A huge part of investing in your dream home is finding the perfect location. Do you already love where you live but want updates? Luckily, our team is experienced in whole-home remodels and can assist you! Create the home of your dreams without moving to a new location with a Matt Powers Custom Homes full home renovation. Today, we’re going to share our process for our whole-home remodels!


Understanding your wants and needs


While you’re curating your vision for your whole home remodel, be sure to keep in mind your wants and needs! The home renovation process is fully focused on making your home more YOU. A great place to start is to list everything that you’d like to change about your current home. While working with the natural shape of your home and property, Matt Powers Custom Homes can make your space feel like new! Interested in adding more storage? Updating your decor and style? More natural light? We have you covered!


Working with our team


Our team of experienced and award-winning experts specializes in custom home design, building, and renovations. Feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to begin? We provide guidance and support throughout the whole home remodeling process to help you achieve your vision. We know what makes homes look and feel luxurious! We also understand how to take your current home to new heights and transform your space seamlessly. 


The renovation process


While we love planning, designing, and conversing with our clients, we really love the renovation process! At Matt Powers Custom Homes, we turn your design vision into a reality. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the renovation process; we want to create a space where memories can be made. Upgrade your home with modern comforts and give your family the refresh they deserve without moving.


Now that your home has been transformed, it’s time to sit back and enjoy! From curating your vision to a future whole-home remodel, Matt Powers Custom Homes is the partner for you. We aim to be your go-to luxury home expert. With over twenty years of experience in building and renovating custom homes, we’ve learned what makes a home luxurious. 

Contact us today to begin your whole home remodel with Matt Powers Custom Homes!