Building the most effective home office is crucial to working from home. If your home office isn’t optimized for your unique needs, productivity can be harder to reach. Matt Powers Custom Homes prides ourselves on our ability to transform home offices into the workspace of anyone’s dreams. Today we’re going to share our top 5 tips to build the most effective home office for YOU. 


1. Think about the way you work. 


When building your new home office, it’s important to ensure that the setup is what works for your unique needs. If you work best with all of your papers within arm’s reach, adding a desk with more drawers could be beneficial. In addition to this, file folders that hang on the wall can have the same perks while saving you space. 


2. Keep comfort in mind.


Keeping comfort in mind when building the most effective home office will benefit your mind and body in the long run. If you’re uncomfortable while working, it’s easy to get distracted or damper the mood. Make sure that your office chair works for your body’s needs, and you can even add cushions or footrests to add to the comfort level!


3. Set your home office up for success.


Building the most effective home office means that you will be successfully able to work in comfort and peace, without leaving your home. It sounds simple, but in reality it’s up to you to ensure that your home office is set up for success. Trying a test-run with different chairs, desks, keyboards, etc. can help point out problem areas so you can alleviate them. 


4. Take advantage of your room’s layout.


No matter what room you’re building your workspace in, the layout of the room will make an impact on the outcome. Be mindful to keep walkways accessible and don’t over clutter the floors if it will get in your way. You’d be surprised how many unique layouts you can have your home office in with different floor plans! There’s no shame in rearranging furniture, either. 


5. Look for inspiration if you’re stuck.


Matt Powers Custom Homes has plenty of inspiration when it comes to home offices. It’s one of our favorite projects to work on, and we bet you’ll enjoy building yours too! Feel free to browse our Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook for inspiration. We update often, so be sure to hit that follow button! Ultimately, once you find inspiration, your mind will get out of the feeling of being stuck, and you can build away!


At the end of the day, your workspace should be fit to your unique work/life needs. Keeping in mind comfort, organization, and your personality, building your home office can be a breeze. Once your home office is built, you’ll be proud of the work you did, and the work you’ll be able to accomplish from the comfort of your own home. 

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