Luxury home customization begins simply: with you. Your custom home should reflect your unique lifestyle and preferences. At Matt Powers Custom Homes, we strive to deliver your dream home by working closely with you to bring your vision to life. To make the most of your custom home-building experience, it’s crucial to carefully consider your needs and wants. Not sure where to begin? In this luxury home customization guide, we’ll share tips on tailoring your home to suit your individual lifestyle! 


Luxury Meets Convenience

When building your new custom home, it’s important to consider everything that you want your home to encapsulate. At Matt Powers Custom Homes, we believe in creating a truly custom home that not only meets your needs but exceeds your expectations. Our goal is to help simplify your daily routine, provide the latest technology for added convenience, and showcase the interior design of your dreams. Your new custom home is a reflection of your life, values, and aspirations, and we’re committed to making that vision a reality. Our team has decades of experience in the luxury home design industry and we take pride in exceeding our clients’ expectations with every home!


Your Dream Home – Finding Inspiration

Customizing your luxury home begins with envisioning your ideal space. If you’re not sure where to start, Matt Powers Custom Homes offers an extensive collection of award-winning projects to browse through. We also regularly share updates and expert insights on our social media pages, providing our followers with valuable resources. It’s important to seek information from trustworthy sources, and Pinterest is an excellent platform for finding inspiration and creating mood boards for your entire home or specific rooms. Throughout the entire selection process, the team at Matt Powers Custom Homes – consisting of designers, architects, and builders – is dedicated to bringing your dream home to life. We stay up-to-date with the latest trends while incorporating your unique style and personality, ensuring that your luxury home is a true reflection of you.


Fully Custom Design

The power to choose is in your hands! What truly defines a luxurious home is its complete tailoring to your individual desires and requirements. Starting from the ground up, every design decision is meticulously crafted with your comfort and interior design preferences as the top priorities. If you’re the culinary enthusiast of your household, we offer a plethora of options for gourmet kitchens that exude luxury, including top-of-the-line appliances, expansive countertops, and a well-appointed walk-in pantry, all designed to elevate your cooking experience and cater to your family’s culinary needs. For those who love outdoor entertainment, consider the possibility of a bespoke custom pool and an accompanying outdoor living space. Imagine having a private oasis in your backyard, complete with a fireplace and opulent seating arrangements, ensuring your comfort and enjoyment throughout the year. The potential for customization knows no bounds when collaborating with industry experts like Matt Powers Custom Homes. With our expertise and your vision, the sky’s the limit. Your dream home is not just a house; it’s a reflection of your lifestyle, and we are here to turn your unique aspirations into a reality.


Your dream home should reflect your personal style and preferences. With over 20 years of expertise in luxury homes, Matt Powers Custom Homes is the team you can trust to bring your vision to life. From finding the perfect property with Laura Powers Property Group to constructing your dream home, we are committed to creating a space that will inspire and uplift you every day. Let’s work together to create a sanctuary that is uniquely yours.

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