Taking care of inside plants when you have a furry friend can be tough. Some plants can be toxic to cats and dogs causing a bad situation. To avoid that, keep reading below to see which plants you can incorporate in your home when you have pets around.



Small plants like succulents are easy because they require bright light which means they should be in a higher location rather than the floor or somewhere a pet could climb and reach it. Just be careful of jade as it can be toxic to pets if ingested.


Air Plant

The perfect (and cutest) pet friendly plant are air plants. Although they are a bit modern and do not go well with every home design they can be cute in a laundry room or kitchen. These are great in a pet filled home because they are completely out of the way and nearly impossible for a pet to reach.



Palms are pet-friendly and low maintenance and very chic making them a great house plant. Be sure to keep them in direct sunlight and allow room for them to grow as they can range from 4-8 feet tall. 



If you are really scared to bring in a live plant into your home, stick to an artificial plant. These can be tricky though, some can look too fake and even tacky. Choose one that looks similar or identical to a fig leaf tree or palm for an elevated look. 


Choosing a plant for your home is hard, choosing one when you have pets is even harder. Hopefully, these tips can help guide you through the process.