Whether you’re a nature lover or simply appreciate natural light in your home, a sunroom is the perfect addition to your space! These rooms, typically full of floor to ceiling windows, provide you with a relaxing escape without ever having to leave your home. A sunroom is the perfect renovation project that will allow you to enjoy the beauty of nature throughout all seasons, comfortably!

Imagine yourself in your sunroom, curled up with a warm cup of coffee on a crisp morning. You can enjoy the scenery, whilst staying warm! What could be better? The next step is to decide what type of sunroom will work best with your space, climate and how you intend to use it!

Three Seasons Sunroom

A three season sunroom is an enclosed, covered outdoor space, and although these rooms don’t utilize insulation or air conditioning, they’re great for the mild seasons of spring, summer and fall. Some people even use room heaters and coolers to help regulate temperature. These are great for climates that tend to have mild seasons, where the weather is pleasant for most of the year. 

Four Seasons Sunroom

On the other hand, a four seasons sunroom is perfect for comfortable year-round use, no matter the climate you live in. These rooms are completely covered and well insulated, and use highly energy efficient window treatments, so as to not let heat escape in winter, and prevent it from getting too hot during the summer. With regulated temperature, you can freely outfit the space with peace of mind that your belongings will be protected. 

Sunrooms make great additions located right near your main living room, but if you desire a more private experience, consider adding one off the master suite! One of our professional builders can help you find the perfect location within your home. Contact us at info@mattpowerscustomhomes.com or call us at 713-787-6709 to get started today!