When granted with the freedom to design a completely custom home, it’s natural to want every detail to be unique, and up to date on the latest trends. However, as we’ve seen proven true over the last few decades, trends in home design change rather quickly. We believe that  focusing on timeless design elements, with a personal twist is the best way to go! 

So, how exactly do you find a balance between timeless and trendy? First, consider the items in your home that you hope to keep for years and years to come. Things like countertops, flooring and appliances aren’t items you can easily replace if they go out style- they’re quite pricey. If you want to take design risks and incorporate some of the newest trends, experiment with things that are easy to replace, such as throw pillows, rugs and furniture. Wall colors may even be in this category!

What exactly does timeless mean? There are a number of design trends that have always remained in style, and act as a solid base for a truly timeless and stylish home. Think white kitchens, clawfoot tubs, neutral colors, hardwood floors, and stainless steel appliances just to name a few. When designing your custom home, start with these items first. Then, add some personal touches and experiment with trends in other, smaller details. That way, if your tastes change, it will be simple to change your home’s design style, without completely remodeling. 

Want to incorporate the velvet trend into your home? Opt for throw pillows, accent chairs or a blanket. How about that bright shade of blue you’ve been seeing in home design magazines? Use it as an accent color in your accessories, or even paint a piece of furniture or woodwork. Because paint is relatively inexpensive and can be painted over almost endlessly, it is a great tool for homeowners to experiment with trendy colors. All in all, accents are a great way to incorporate trends and personal style into one’s home, without making too big of a commitment. 

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