“I want to build a custom home. Do I need a lot before hiring a builder?” We get this question a lot. And the truth is, there is truly not a “right” answer to that question! There are pros to having a lot before a builder, and vice versa. Both ways are perfectly acceptable, and when it’s all said and done, you’ll be left with your dream home! 

I have a lot, but I need a builder.

This seems to be the situation that most people traditionally find themselves in. They found the perfect piece of land to build their dream home on, and now they’re on the search for a builder to turn that dream into a reality! 

The main pro to having a lot before your builder is clarity when brainstorming ideas for your custom home. For example, you and your builder will be able to walk around your lot, and come up with ideas for your custom home based around the lot it is to be built on. The nature of your land might affect the shape of your floor plan, and result in one-of-a-kind additions to your home!

I found my builder, now I need a lot! 

Perhaps you found the perfect builder to build your dream home, but you just can’t find a lot that you love. No worries. Professional builders are always prepared for this situation. In fact, many home builders are constantly on the lookout for lots for this very reason. Odds are, your builder will have several different lots for you to choose from. Many will even have access to land that is not yet available to the public. 

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Additionally, when shopping for the perfect lot, your builder will have valuable insight into the condition of the land. They will know which lots are most suitable to build on, and which will require some extra work before construction can start. This advice can save you a lot of time and money in the long run! 

Whether you have the perfect lot or are still on the lookout, we can help you get started designing your custom home! Contact us at 713-787-6709 or info@mattpowerscustomhomes.com today!